Jessica Block

Senior Managing Director

Ankura Consulting Group

1220 19th Street NW, Suite 700, Washington DC, 20036
Mobile: +1.202.679.7954


BA, Yale University


Member, Sedona Conference Working Group on Electronic Document Retention and Production (WG1)

Honors & Awards

Recognized in 2015 by Consulting Magazine as a Rising Star of the Consulting Profession

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Jessica Block is a Senior Managing Director at Ankura Consulting Group based in the Washington, DC office and leads the firm’s data governance practice within the Regulatory & Contractual Compliance group. She has more than a decade of experience helping companies face complex information management challenges. Ms. Block specializes in applying technology to unlock the value of data and decrease the burden of compliance.  Ms. Block has led consulting efforts across the lifecycle of various litigations, arbitrations, investigations and transactions. She also strategizes with key internal and external stakeholders to craft resilient policies and standards in readiness for such events and in support of ongoing business operations.

Ms. Block’s professional experience includes:

  • Multinational Anti-Bribery/Anti-Corruption Investigation: Led a large-scale document review effort for a global pharmaceutical company facing US and international regulatory investigation in multiple jurisdictions. Guided a multidisciplinary team of several dozen professionals supporting the processing and production of multiple terabytes of data. Staffed hundreds of English and foreign language lawyers conducting document review of the millions of files implicated by the production demands of various authorities and investigative needs of the company. Coordinated in-country forensic collection and mobile document review to accommodate restrictions on data movement.
  • Gulf Oil Spill Investigation: Supported a major defendant in litigation and investigation response resulting from event. Led the team responsible for managing data processing, document review workflow development, and multiple terabytes of incoming and outgoing production volumes.
  • SEC/DOJ Investigation: Architected a large-scale data conversion effort to merge legacy eDiscovery databases for a large financial institution responding to SEC and DOJ investigation. Designed and implemented custom process to reduce overlapping email information from various, disparate data sources to minimize the cost of compliance.
  • Multi-District Litigation: Led teams in the acquisition, review, and production of over multiple terabytes of electronically stored information for a large pharmaceutical manufacturer. Supported over 1,200 attorneys reviewing data simultaneously.  Participated alongside counsel in negotiating production format and defending eDiscovery efforts to a court appointed special master.
  • Preferred Partnership: Fostered ongoing preferred eDiscovery provider partnerships with multiple major corporations. Participate in team conferences with inside legal team and outside counsel to implement best practices, data reuse, and efficient working methods. Supported development of centralized playbook for different matter scenarios and data types. Facilitated efficient working methods across a portfolio of hundreds of active matters of varying sizes and complexities. Industries supported include Pharmaceutical, Energy, and Hospitality.
  • Litigation Readiness Exercise for Regional Hospital System: Supported development of comprehensive data risk assessment plan and systems inventory for litigation readiness. Conducted interviews of relevant system owners and document details in formal data map.

Ms. Block has a Bachelor of the Arts degree from Yale University.  She was recognized in 2015 by Consulting Magazine as a Rising Star of the Consulting Profession.

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